sandwich (sandwichgirl) wrote,

"ivan the terra bus" - the music video

sharona came up to me shortly before i redeployed in 2007, and told me how she couldn't get "ivan the terra bus," a song bill and i wrote about a 54 passenger bus at mcmurdo, out of her head for months. the band, condition fun, was the silly brainchild of bill (guitar)and i (tuba), and assorted musicians on station who played weird instruments (accordion, banjo, trombone, bass). we mostly wrote kids' songs about the weird vehicles we drive. they're all recorded somewhere. on my last day in antarctica, sharona and holly filmed bill and i playing the song in the bandroom and hanging off ivan. i totally forgot about it.

antarctica is home to a few film festivals. the south pole international film festival (SPIFF) is a highlight of the season. mcmurdo hosts one in the summer, and one in the winter (see youtube: antzarctica).  all footage must be filmed and edited in antarctica. i have copies of most of them if you ever want to come over my house and watch them on a rainy sunday. in 2005, my friend brien and i entered a quick flick about a lonely bored pinstetter in the world's southernmost bowling alley. as it turns out, sharona and holly edited their footage of "ivan" and submitted it to this year's festival in mcm which i believe was last week. here it is, it's totally cute. thanks, guys! 

(ps, i think i had a cold, so bear with the stuffy nose.)

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