sandwich (sandwichgirl) wrote,

it's not about the trip

i was going to post about my wonderful trip back east.

about how our redeye flight to new york was delayed 4 hours while two feet of snow dumped on the northeast. when we arrived in the morning/midday, central park was coated in pretty. we contemplated stealing sleds from children.

about how we played endless hours of guitar hero "just to keep awake so we could adjust to the time zone and avoid jetlag." guitar hero, by the way, makes you hallucinate if there are any vertically stripey tapestries nearby.

i was going to mention about how my spry, 71 year old mom kicked all our asses at bowling, and how my brother turned around and kicked her ass at laser tag.

or about how my first morning in connecticut the weather was one degree. and how EVERYONE everyone everyone perfumes their homes, cars, and shops with fucking yankee candle. (i am allergic to perfume. wanna kill me? spray it on. )

about how my brother got a wii fit for christmas and it really is like the best thing ever and how it tells everyone they're fat. and that christmas was actually pretty enjoyable with the family and they think avulsionist  is swell.

and that i skied at mt southington for the first time since sophmore year of high school. it was avulsionist 's first time on skis and he only fell down like 10 times. which is really good.

i was going to tell stories of mystic, connecticut, and the amazing frigging color changing octopus, and hanging out with jenna, my friend's 3-year-old that calls me sandwich penguinhands. and about how i went to my performing arts academy high school reunion and it was really awesome.

and duckpin bowling. it's more than just small balls, squatty pins, and cheap hot dogs. and how i even haggled a free duckpin out of the manager to see if it would fit in the mcmurdo pinset machine. cause if i go back south someday, ahem, perhaps i could bring duckpin bowling with me.

and i was going to say something about a little sidetrip we took to a little town called sandwich, massachusetts.

then, there was that adventure back in new york that i was going to tell a story about, on new years eve, how we were looking for something to do, and braved the times square madness, then fled because it was 12 degrees crowded and stupid, and how instead we went to an 1890's bar-slash-former speakeasy hole in the wall called bill's gay nineties. and then how we went to an amazing amazing amanda fucking palmer show at the bowery ballroom at 2am which was over at 6am and found b and i stumbling around the lower east side trying to work out how to get back tot he apartment and convince afp that she really really wants to be friends with us.

and about how we did nothing on new year's day except eat at my favorite restaurant in the whole world.

i was going to mention about how we went to the guggenheim and slid through the curly floors, and later met up with old friends i haven't seen in a decade, and also the hilarious comedy theater we caught at upright citizen's brigade ("she was gonna s my d!")

and about how coney island is a beautiful tragedy, and how we wandered around the bitter cold for hours with the beach on our right, picturing its glamour of 80 years ago.

and about how i was only 17 clouds away from getting 2 million points on kitten jump, which i thought was pretty unheard of. an how this trip back east with b was fan-farging-tastic, and brings some nostalgia and love for that part of the country.

but this blog post is not about that. no, no, i decided to write about something else entirely.

i fell asleep on the couch yesterday feeling awful. gross. yucky. that humbling kind of sick, perhaps when your roommates take pity, make sure you have water, and get the f away from you. i woke up today feeling not much better, but though i could at least get to my computer and feel like i did something with my day. good ol' cs suggested i check tom's blog. there it was. the mcm-all email, re-posted in italics. it's official.

"Effective immediately, B-063 housing the Bowling Alley - Weight Gym -
Ceramics Room - Boulder Room and Craft Room is closed to all personnel.
Do not enter the building for any reason.

A cross member structural beam has suffered a failure that has resulted
in the floor sagging approximately six inches. All of the floor joists butt
up and end on this one beam, causing overloading at this point. This is
an extremely unsafe condition that warrants closing the building for all
use by the community. There is a real risk that the second floor in the
building could collapse onto the first floor.

This will have a large impact on the community due to closing of a
building that houses several recreational venues that are used
extensively by the community. The weight room will no longer be
open and all bowling will stop until the building can be inspected and
repaired. Bowling leagues will no longer be allowed to use the bowling
alley and the leagues will need to determine how they will end the
current series without playing any further games. There is no estimated
time frame for when the building might reopen. The closure is totally
unavoidable and is for the safety of everyone on station".

B-63 has been on the demo list for ages, so i've been told. we've joked about this for a while now. while the floor of the upstairs is mushy and soft, the roof leaks like mad, and the weight room is infiltrated by sounds of strikes and spares, the building is old and in need of much repair. i have no news about what they plan to do with it, but given the .... track record, its future looks grim - which saddens me to no end. that bowling alley has a fair amount of history, one of the last functioning manual pinset mechanisms on earth, and is one of the oldest buildings at mcmurdo station.

holding back tears holding back tears.... getting verklempt.....

i'm considering starting a campaign, or perhaps holding a bowl-a-thon fundraiser if i knew it would help. any structural engineers out there who think they can solve this problem, please contact me or someone with more clout in mcmurdo.


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