sandwich (sandwichgirl) wrote,

santarctica 2008.

spreading the polar jolly from afar..... (thanks katie!)

Alright… now that I’ve got your attention…


What is Santarctica, you might ask?

First you must decide if you’re a Santa or an elf and dress appropriately (costumes are provided to the first 50 or so people who show up).  Feel free to show up in your own SANTA or ELF costume.  Reindeer will also be welcome.  Decide on your first place to spread cheer and run, walk, skip there, spreading cheer along the way.  After joy and laughter have been brought to the first locale, move on and continue spreading cheer until you’re tired and nobody notices when you sneak off.


What places are visited?

Suggestions are always welcome!  There are a few other activities planned for Sunday, so appearances could be made at the softball game, burger bar, different drinking establishments, the McMurdo sign behind 209, some workcenters that don’t mind the distraction, Hut Point… who knows?


What if you can’t make it at 4pm?

We’ll plan to meet any stragglers at 6pm in Gallagher’s.  If you want to meet up, 6pm is your chance.


Remember to bring clothes to wear under or over your Santa or elf suit to keep you warm throughout the event.

Remember to have fun.

Remember to puke in Food Waste.  Nobody likes a disrespectful Santa.

Remember to spread the word.

Remember to charge your camera batteries the day before.

Remember to spread cheer.




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