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Life-Sized Board Game of Fun

yesterday, robert got to beta test the analog Life-Sized Board Game of Fun.


2.5' x 2.5' pieces of cardboard, spray painted white with black dots, gaff taped together to resemble dice.
20 welcome mats from the local dollar store.
4 hula hoops (collected from our already well-established collection) gaff taped to doormats. (see illustration)
ideas and challenges, gaff taped to said doormats.

robert laid them all out in the berth of sidewalk in front of our home, also known as the typical san francisco front yard. we live in an interesting and ethnically diverse neighborhood. i love it. when we asked our local mexican, philipino, and black passers-by to roll with us, the black man said to his small dog "them white people are crazy." the dog peed on our tree.

we rolled the massive die, which was sometimes swept away down the street from the excelsior wind. we hopped on squares. some squares told us to do stuff, tasks that we had to continue to perform until we landed on another action square that cancelled it. players shook fists at the hula hoops, which sometimes impeded their abilty to move forward. the 2.0 version will include more physical challenges in strategic places.

the Life-Sized Board Game of Fun is not yet available in stores. it might never be. or even still, some entrepreneur may steal this idea and market it. the Life-Sized Board Game of Fun is available for bar mitzvahs, family gatherings, anniversaries, and retirement roasts.
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